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Why choose Shyn cleaning?

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    Sparkling Clean Services

    We keep your home sparkling clean and germ free. Our disinfecting process kills 99% of common bacteria and viruses.

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    Our process connects people with each other, building business relationships between community members.

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    Professional Cleaners

    Every reliable cleaner is trained and certified before starting as a contractor with us at Shyn.

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    We've Been There

    The creators of Shyn know all too well the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle.

Between family, work, school, cooking, extra curriculars, exercising, and/or time for yourself, it’s hard to prioritize housework (which never seems to end, really). It sure would be nice to take the responsibility of cleaning off your hands. But planning to hire a cleaner can sometimes be a big “to do” task – piling more on your already full plate.

That’s where Shyn comes in. We’ve created this easy-to-use website that connects homeowners with available cleaning specialists, without so much as lifting a finger.

All you need to do is provide some basic information to be given an estimate. The cleaning specialist that you choose will then be in contact with you as soon as they see their service request. You can have a professional cleaner at your home within hours, if you so desired. And you’re giving these cleaners an opportunity to work for themselves, to make their own choices about their workload.